Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year!! 
So I redesigned the blog. I thought since I haven't blogged in a while and since it is a new year I would just redo things a bit to inspire me to write more - because obviously I haven't written on the blog since June. Oops. 

So last year I had 2010 goals - and I thought I would review over those and see how I did. I believe I said that I wanted to blog once a week and obviously that goal didn't exactly work out :) But I think I did pretty good on the rest: 

1) Learn to cook: I have tried 24 new recipes from June - currently. I know I tried several before that as well. I have made some recipes that I will never try again and some that have already become family favorites. So I guess I could say that I did pretty good on this one. 
2) Budget: I did not start the year off good with this one - but this summer I started to listen to Dave Ramsey and  read a few of his books and it has helped us tremendously with the budget! The last couple months we have had a budget and KEPT it! :) We didn't start the year off great- but ended it good though! 
3) Exercising: Well - this one is always a struggle. I would say I did more exercising than last year. I got a Gazelle (you know the one elliptical machine that Tony Little (man with woman -like long hair in a annoying ponytail) endorses on the informercials). Anyways I park it in front of the TV and watch shows with Todd while getting a quick workout in. I did mention the Wii we had in last year's post -but I haven't used that to work out since January. 

 So all in all I think I did a pretty good  job with my 2010 goals. So what about my 2011 goals (since I hate "resolutions") ? Well I am a nerd and doing this "24 goals til I turn 24"  - I started kind of late and instead of starting these goals after my birthday last year - I started them in June. I will share the list sometime but I am starting to think I am running out of time - I probably won't get all my goals done this year but at least I tried right? 

Hope everyone had a great new year! I can't believe it is already 2011. Where does the time go? I know Todd and I are excited for 2011 because it will be a big year of change for us with Sweet Pea's expected arrival in July. I wish you all the best  for 2011! 

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  1. Congratulations Autumn to you and Todd! I'm SO excited for you and the little one! :) Sounds like things are going well. Can't wait to hear more!