Thursday, July 19, 2012

Before & After

I love a good before and after picture. Don't you?  Whether it is a picture of a piece of furniture or a room that has endured a huge overhaul, I love those dramatic transformations.  I was looking through old photos from the beginning of the year and found a few pictures that I took of Todd before he started working out. After his workout yesterday, I took more pictures of him and the change is amazing. Instead of writing more about his change, I'll just show you.

I would say "Before" and "After" in the pictures, but he is still working hard and not done on his journey - or so he tells me. I think he's done an AMAZING job, and I am such a proud wife. So what made him lose all this weight?

Well, in January, Todd decided to sign up for Tough Mudder. It is a 12 mile course full of 23 or so obstacles designed by the military. These aren't simple little obstacles - some of them include crawling through mud under barbed wire, a balance beam, running up walls, jumping in ice water, and the one that sounded the worst to me: running through a mess of electric wires. Yup, this wasn't just as little 5k, this was like running a half marathon with grueling obstacles. 

Todd had done some work-out regimens before, but he would start, then stop. Signing up for Tough Mudder was the best decision he could have made to jump start his weight loss. He had a goal in mind and something to train and strive for. Every morning he would get up at 6:00 am, drink his shakes (all I know is there is like five canisters of work out supplements/powders sitting on top of our fridge), and work out for an hour. He started with Insanity (which looked INSANE by my opinion). Next, he graduated to Insanity Asylum (Yup, even more insane), then did a mix of the two. He made ALOT healthier decisions when it came to eating and ate smaller portions. He said no to desserts, which if you know Todd, took alot of self-control!

The day of the Mudder event came and Todd was already down 30 pounds. The average time to finishing the course was 3 hours and Todd crushed it in 2 hours, 45 minutes. I got to see him on the last couple obstacles and I was one proud wife!

After the event, he hasn't stopped working out and eating healthy. He occasionally eats some chocolate brownie ice cream (which makes me feel good because I still like my sweets), but all in all, he makes much better choices. Now he has moved on the P90x2 workout. Todd tries to get me to work out with him - not a chance - I will just stick with my zumba or walking instead!

Anyways, I just wanted to share his story, because maybe his story will inspire you. It inspires me.

I HATE running. Like really hate it, but always thought I should do a 5k to push myself. Todd is doing another event called Warrior Dash, in September. It is a 5k and has obstacles too, but not on the same level of Tough Mudder. I was telling him I was thinking about doing it, but he went ahead and signed me up.  So, now I am doing a little training of my own. I'll let you know how that works out for me! haha


  1. What a boss. I love the before face. He really looks happy when he was 225.