Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Reinspired. I'm not sure that is a word, but I am finally feeling inspired again with blogging. For the last several months, I haven't felt like writing. I didn't like the design of the blog, the name, and the list could keep going on. I finally did something about that. I changed up the name; changed up the look. Finally. I feel refreshed and reinspired to blog.

Obviously, I got a new name of the blog. Seasons of Autumn. After sessions of brainstorming with my aunt, mom and brother, they helped me come up with this name, along with many other strange and not so helpful suggestions! Ha!

I wanted a new, fresh title that was a play on my name and sort of explain my blog. There are so many seasons of life. The season of life I am in right now is being a fairly new mom and learning what life is like with a toddler. Just a year ago, I was in the season of wondering what it would be like to be a mom and being very pregnant. Then there was the season of being a BRAND new mom and all the challenges that brings. Each new season of life brings changes and challenges, both exciting and hard. I want to step back and reflect on those seasons of life, because just like the changing seasons of fall, winter, spring and summer, they are gone before you know it and it is faint memory.

I am not an expert at this motherhood thing - FAR from it - I'm just learning as I go. I just want to share what I do and things that have worked for me or creative projects I've done. I have gotten so much inspiration from reading other blogs and who knows, maybe I'll actually inspire someone with something I do.Well, I hope you enjoy my NEW blog and follow along through the seasons that life takes me.

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