Monday, August 27, 2012

13 Months

Little Man is already 13 months! I decided to continue the monthly photos like I did for 1 - 12 months but switch it up a bit. I thought I would just make him stand for the pictures instead so you could see the growth between 12 - 24 months. I grabbed the curtains from his room as a backdrop and made a little chalkboard sign instead. It was a bit more challenging to keep him behind a backdrop instead of in the chair for pictures. Every month I get less and less pictures of him - but I still got a few cute ones. I had to bribe him a few times to get him to stand there, that is why you will see him with a sucker and bubbles in some of the pictures...

Brecken - 13 months:

Learning to do: He is walking everywhere. Pretty much once he hit one, he started walking. 13 months brought speed - he is getting alot faster. Climbing is his new thing - climbing on the couch, on other furniture and onto toys (like his play table or musical table). Momma does not like this new skill. It's scary. He is starting to mimic new words - like Hi, Bye, and Uh-Oh. He does say Ball all the time though. He learned how to kick a soccer ball too - Daddy is so proud.

Loves to eat: He has been obsessed with grapes lately. I think he is going to be a picky eater. He will try things and then spit them out. I still feed him baby food since he gets so picky when he feeds himself.

Loves: Brooms or mops. He has this strange obsession with them. When he finds one - he will play with it for 20 minutes, which with his attention span is saying alot! Maybe he will be a clean freak someday? Maybe not because he also loves making a mess! :) Breck also loves the park and slides. When he goes down a big slide by himself he shrieks with delight- you can't help but laugh. He also loves to get into the pantry - momma does loves this habit either.

Hates: When I disrupt his "adventures" or when we have to leave the park. He hates sitting in his high chair for too long and preceeds to let me know with a high-pitched scream that a boy should never use. He hates being barricaded or trapped. If you do trap him in, you just gave him a mission to find a way to escape.

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