Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding Week: The Reception

 So if you missed the last two posts about our wedding four years ago, you can read about the ceremony here and the pictures here. I am reminiscing about our wedding since it was our anniversary yesterday. More on what we did for our anniversary later... let's get back to our wedding day four years ago.

We had left the reception and now were in route for our reception. We arrived at the reception and took a few more pictures and got ready to make our entrance. We had our grand march and our wedding party made quite the entrance with cartwheels or strange dance moves they came up with.

The catered dinner was great, I was just too excited to eat that night. Throughout the night we heard many speeches from our family and friends. We had it be an "open mic" so any of the guests could tells stories, give advice, or sing a song (which Todd's Grandpa did.) It was touching to hear all the kind words.. well there were some embarrassing stories in there as well. We did the typical cake cutting, bouquet toss and had our first dance to Big and Rich's song, Lost in the Moment. After many hugs and thank-yous we left the reception.


It was an incredible day. I just want to give a shout out to those that helped or were part of our special day four years ago. Every helping hand made this day what it was for us - a day we will cherish forever. So thank you for your help and support for our wedding and marriage.

Tomorrow I will be back and show some details from our wedding.

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