Thursday, March 14, 2013

19 months

Little man is already 20 months and I didn't get this posted before he Tuesday because little one got the stomach flu... and then today I thought the stomach flu was over and then, SURPRISE, more vomit :( Just hoping this little one can get over this yucky sickness!

I loved this month as well.. I think I said that last month...and although he is gets into everything, he also is hilarious and so fun. I love how he is trying to constantly learn and his toddler talking.

Words he is saying: There are many things that he tries to say and I really have no idea what he is talking about... but for the most part he is saying things I can understand! He knows alot of foods "juu" for juice, "bays" for strawberries, "nana" for bananas, "fishy" for goldfish, ect. I try to get him to say "Love you Mommy" and he says something to that effect.. my favorite!

Learning to do: Well, he pooped in his potty the other day. I was so excited! He's gone twice in his potty now... but so not ready to start potty training yet! He is trying to learn his numbers; how he counts: 2, 4, 5, 8. Makes me laugh every time. He also is trying to learn letters - and when he sees any writing he says "A." The other day I was holding up three different letters and he was telling me each of them - A, I, and Y. He is so eager to learn! He loves to play games on the Ipad that have these flash cards with animals and animal noises, food, ect and he is trying to learn those things as well.

Loves: Coloring, Elmo, Choo-choos, doggies, cars, tools, cookies, strawberries, any sport, and his paci.

Hates: We went to the doctor today to make sure everything was ok with his sickness and he hates going to the doctor because he thinks he is going to get a shot...

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