Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sickness and Cuddles

So this pictures pretty much sums up the last 48 hours in the Penz household....

I've been blessed this winter that Brecken hasn't gotten sick too much. He did have the stomach flu in October and a day of a fever, but this sickness that just hit my little man made my momma heart hurt. I thought maybe the throwing up on Monday was a one time thing, but several hours later it was happening very frequently. Monday night I officially got to experience my first "Mommy all-nighter." I have pulled many all-nighters in my college days cramming for a test or writing a paper, staying up with help of some Red Bull. Although there were many nights that I got much less sleep than necessary while caring for Brecken, this was the first time I was up all night til 5 am. I was worried about dehydration, and getting fluids down and to stay down proved to be quite the challenge. 

Luckily, the next morning he seemed alot better but in order to ensure that nothing came back up, I only gave him a tiny bit of Pedialyte at a time. Poor little man was so thirsty and he was crying for juice every time I gave him just a little bit. It was so hard to hear him crying for more juice. He is now doing quite a bit better but still working on recovering. 

It is just so hard to watch your little one be sick and you as a mother are sick with worry. Seeing him be sick and screaming for juice just tugs on my heartstrings. There will be many more rounds of sickness, many more sleepless nights, moments of worry, calls to the 24 hour nurse line, and midnight runs to Walmart for Pedialyte. It is all in the job description of a mom. But the cuddles and the sweet little kiss he planted on my cheek as almost to say "thank you" make every moment of sickness, sleeplessness and worry worth it. 

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