Thursday, March 21, 2013

Organized Jewelry Shelf

Since we moved in, I have been keeping my jewelry in the closet in my bathroom. I dedicated a special shelf for all my jewelry to be housed.... 

But unfortunately, all the jewelry looked like this... a pile of necklaces that took me an hour to untangle.  The earrings were in their own box and weren't too disorganized, as well as all the bracelets in their own box as well. 

When I took a trip to Ikea, I bought some Bygel organizational pieces to clean up this mess... I got the bar, basket and hooks. 

And here it is, looking all pretty and organized! I hung the bar on the back wall of the closet and used a different hook for every necklace. Now they are easy to find and keep separate from each other. I mounted the basket on the left side of the wall to make the bracelets easy to look through. I kept the earrings the way they were and put all my perfumes and sprays on a charger to make it look more pretty. 

 This is now the most organized corner of my house. 

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