Tuesday, May 14, 2013

21 Months

I'm a little late blogging about 21 months, seeing that it was his 22 month birthday was Sunday. 

Likes: He is loving walks, the park, playing outside- except I feel like we have barely been outside because of this crazy May weather. Choo-choos, toy story characters, cars, tools, and anything sports are other things this kid absolutely loves. He is starting to like books - especially the few he has that have cars and trucks in them. Breck loves his new puppy, although the puppy is kinda crazy and tries to nip at him. 

Words: My favorites are the "What did you do?"- in which he adds 2- 4 more dos to the phrase - and says it anytime he is confused with what just happened. My new favorite is "Help you" any time that he wants your help he says, "help you" (instead of help me).  Other phrases are "What doing?" "Thank you" and any time he talks about tools - hammer, drill, and screws. 

Learning to do: Lots of talking - he is starting to put two or three words together to make short phrases - such as Mommy's shoes. I love that is trying to make little sentences and trying to talk more. He knows some characters from Toy Story, Cars, Thomas, and Sesame Street. We are trying to work on colors - although pretty much everything is the color yellow.  He is learning his letters and knows over half of them. 

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