Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gender Reveal Parties

When we found out the gender when I was pregnant with Brecken, we had a little party with our families. It only seemed fair that this little one get a little party or family get together too. Finding out when we did, it didn't really work to have both families together for a party, so we did something separate for each family. There were not as many decorations or food as the last time, but I wanted to still do a little something to have our families find out in a fun way. 

The first little party was with Todd's family. After a softball game, we got together and there was red velvet cake...

And some black balloons with confetti in them. Everyone got a balloon and nail...

and on the count of three, POP! 

It took a few moments of everyone looking down on the floor to realize the confetti was PINK! The confetti was a more of a light metallic pink with crowns, hearts and the word princess. I should have done something more pink, but I guess it kept everyone in suspense for another minute. 

Everyone was really surprised; they all thought it was a boy! 

The next day, I did the same thing for my family. They got the black balloons too... 

And once again they all stared at the floor after the balloons were popped... I picked the wrong confetti I guess! 

There was a lot of screaming and crying after they figured out it was a GIRL.. screaming and jumping up and down from my mom, and crying from Brecken because he was scared of the screaming from my mom. :)

Todd and I were still in shock a few days after we found out it was a girl. I always thought, before I was preggers with this one, that I would have two boys. This whole pregnancy I was convinced it was boy. That opinion must have rubbed off on everyone else because all our families thought it was a boy too and were really surprised when they found it was a girl. There aren't many girls on Todd's side of the family except our niece. I guess I had it in my head I was going to have lots of boys... but I secretly wanted a girl, so I was beyond thrilled! 

While we were getting our ultrasound, the tech actually said at first she thought it was a boy, then later saw that it was a girl. We are so thrilled to have one of each! Let the pink dress and floral headband buying begin!

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  1. Adorable idea with the balloons! Congrats on the baby girl!