Friday, May 3, 2013

May Goals

Here is how I did on my goals last month... not so good....

April Goals:

1. Use up the Crest White Strips I have sitting around and try the Pinterest teeth whiting recipe..Maybe next month I will make a dentist appointment... :) 
2. Go on a weekly one-on-one date with Brecken and have a weekly date night with Todd. (went on two with Todd and did little outings with Breck) 
3. House: Upstairs hallway painted, work on painting trim white on main floor, get more art work up, get curtains up in dining and family room, paint/create built-ins in the main floor closets, finish decorating the entryway..
4. Organizing: clean out "junk" room and organize main floor closets and tools in garage. 
5. Stick to a cleaning plan this month... 
6. Write 2 encouraging notes
7. Blog three times a week
8. Work out three times per week 
9. Figure out what new places to serve at church that fit my spiritual gifts... 
10. Make 7 freezer meals and finish meal list 
11. Focus on journaling and focus on a few books of the Bible...
12. Finish the 08-09 Family Year book photo book... 
13. Read 2 - 3 Books. (Read only one)

May is going to be a pretty busy month. Todd and I have four siblings graduating this spring  - two from college and two from high school - and 3 celebrations will be in May. I will also be out of town for a week, and there is a preschool graduation to plan for work. So this month, I am going to have minimal goals ... maybe I will actually get them done! These don't necessarily line up with my yearly goals but I just want to get some stuff accomplished!

1. Of course continue to blog 3 x per week and exercise 3 x per week. Try to do some dates with my boys and write the two encouraging notes.
2. Make curtains for family room and kitchen
3. Organize all the different rooms of the house - find stuff to get rid of for a summer garage sale! I want to get the junk room completely cleaned out too! I want to start to plan and decorate some cute kids rooms this summer!
4. Work on painting trim as much as possible.
5. Try out a new cleaning schedule to make things go more smoothly.

Hopefully there will be some nice weather coming... it is so weird to see piles of snow everywhere! It makes me feel like it is January...not May!

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