Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Puff Centerpieces

It was graduation today at the preschool I work at and I was in charge of coming up with some decorations. There were refreshments in the gym after the graduations and I needed to come up with something for the tables. I had some leftover graduation centerpieces from last year along with some cute owl graduation balloons I used on some of the tables. 

I wanted something fun and different with a kiddish twist for the other tables. I found three-toned puff balls at the party store and an idea came to me. I bought four packs of three puffs. I have made puffs before, but it was easier just buying the packs of them and fluffing them myself.

 I had these glass cylinders from Hobby Lobby from a previous event and my idea was to put the puff on top of the vase. The inside of the vase needed something as a filler and I originally thought jelly beans would be great. Instead I found colored licorice at Walmart and used it as the vase filler. I stuffed a bit of the puff into the vase and then taped it to the vase. Success! A fun, unique and very colorful centerpiece geared towards kids! 

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