Wednesday, April 10, 2013

20 months

When I look at the pictures of Brecken at 13 months, I'm blown away at how much he has grown up. Every month I am reminded that TIME ABSOLUTELY FLIES. Ahh! It is crazy to think how much he has advanced in these last 8 months from saying 2 - 3 words to talking my ear off and developing a funny sense of humor. It is hard to believe that soon I will have a two-year-old and after that... another child! 

Learning to do: He is learning his letters... but then will forget them for a little bit... but at a given time knows about a third of them. I am trying to work with him on colors but he only knows yellow and therefore, every color is yellow. He is at a very curious age, always trying to figure out what is going on. While working on house projects this weekend, he would get out his tools and was right next to me, trying to help - always wanting to help! 

Words: He is super chatty.... sometimes with real words and other times he just rambles in this little toddler language. Already he is starting to ask "What's that?".... and so the questions begin - but he just wants to learn. His newest word is "Hammer" and lately I've been loving when he says "Hunny," (usually talking about a bunny),"Cars," Tractors (anything that isn't a car and resembles a truck) and "Memeal" (which is oatmeal). 

Loves: Berries (aka-grapes, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries), hot dogs (obsessed), cars, tractors, tools (absolutely LOVES to get his tools out when I am doing a project and tries to hammer the wall), walks and the park, and Key (candy).

Hates: I guess I realized he doesn't like toys that move on their own... they scare him. Hmm... hates when I say "It's nigh-night time" or when I don't give him what he wants. Yup, we are starting to get into the toddler fits.. not ready for this stage!

During this month, Brecken got his very first haircut! It was very special because I waited to have my dear Aunt Darla cut his hair. It was very fun to have "Lala" (as Breck calls her) cut his hair as she was always the one to give me my haircuts as I was growing up! He did very well and looked so much more grown up with his new haircut!

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  1. He's getting so big! I'm loving reading your posts & seeing all the awesome projects you're working on!