Friday, April 19, 2013

Our First Home - Photo Tour: Part 3

If you missed it, this week I am posting the before and after photos of our first house:  Part 1 & Part 2.
Today is the last part of the tour with the downstairs of the house which included a laundry room, guest room, bathroom, and family room. 

Before: Family Room - Aren't you jealous of that fabulous carpet? And yes, a couch, TV, and organ were left as well... 


After: Family Room: New paint, new lights, new carpet, one new window, lots of new decor! 


Before: Downstairs Bathroom: Just SUPER ugly.

After: Downstairs Bathroom:  New tile, new lights, new shower, new paint, new countertop, sink and faucet, new mirror, new toilet and new towel hooks. My dad, brothers and Todd knocked out the old shower and cupboard and we had a new shower put in. My dad did a great helping to renovate this bathroom and make it look fabulous! 

 Before: Guest Room: Besides the red carpet, this room didn't look that bad compared to other rooms. 

After: Guest Room: New Paint, new light, new carpet and decor. I never got around to decorating this room as much as I wanted, but it at least looks better than the before picture.

The laundry room... not too exciting. The shelves were there already and I just spruced it up a bit with some paint and a wood blind. 

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