Monday, April 15, 2013

Our First Home - Photo Tour: Part 1

I was feeling a bit nostalgic about our old house lately and thought I would finally post some before and after photos on here...

We got the house before we were married in 2008. The good news, it was on an auction so we got a good deal on the house, but the bad news was that the inside of the house looked like you were stepping back into the 1970's. We spent some weekends redoing the house before we moved in after our wedding. I don't think the little old lady that owned our house before us redecorated since the house was built in the 70's. But with help from family and hiring numerous professionals, we transformed the house and turned it into our home. So much work was put into the house, but I loved the end product. I was sad to leave our first home; the home we came home to as newlyweds, where we brought home our first child and he took his first steps, the place we celebrated his first birthday, and welcomed family and friends for overnights and dinners. Once in a while, I miss the first home we lived in, but as I transform our new home to fit my style, I fall more in love with it, even more than our first home. 

So enough with the reminiscing... here is the tour... 

Before: Entry way 

After: Entryway 
Got new tile, new paint, shelf in the corner, art, new light fixtures, and new stairs 


Before: Family Room (Sorry for the family members in the photos)

After: Family Room 
New lights, new carpet, new trim and doors and new paint 

Before: Kitchen/Dining Room - my favorite transformation of all... 

After: Kitchen/ Dining Room 
New tile, new paint, painted cabinets, new countertops, new lights, some upper cabinets taken down, new appliances, and an awesome pot rack made by my dad.

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  1. AMAZING transformations, Autumn!!! Nice job. Loved looking through the pics!! :)