Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Goals

I didn't do the best on my March goals... I read some books, kept up with the blogging, exercising and encouraging notes, but kinda fell flat in many other areas, completing some of the goals part way and some goals didn't even get touched.. so here is to a MUCH more productive April... and hopefully less snowy! 
Here are my April Goals... 

1. Use up the Crest White Strips I have sitting around and try the Pinterest teeth whiting recipe..Maybe next month I will make a dentist appointment... :) 
2. Go on a weekly one-on-one date with Brecken and have a weekly date night with Todd.
3. House: Upstairs hallway painted, work on painting trim white on main floor, get more art work up, get curtains up in dining and family room, paint/create built-ins in the main floor closets, finish decorating the entryway..
4. Organizing: clean out "junk" room and organize main floor closets and tools in garage. 
5. Stick to a cleaning plan this month... 
6. Write 2 encouraging notes
7. Blog three times a week
8. Work out three times per week 
9. Figure out what new places to serve at church that fit my spiritual gifts... 
10. Make 7 freezer meals and finish meal list 
11. Focus on journaling and focus on a few books of the Bible...
12. Finish the 08-09 Family Year book photo book... 
13. Read 2 - 3 Books.

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  1. Don't go to the Dentist. They're just a drain on your bank account.