Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby Bump - Weeks 13 - 16

I am back again with more bump photos.... 

(Just realized I spelled Avocado wrong... oops! :) ) 

How I'm feeling: Good, although tired... I think I better get used to the fact that I will be tired the next 10 years :) I think I've been feeling baby lately. Every now and then, I can feel something, especially in the morning laying in bed. It is hard to describe.. it isn't kicking...but I know I can just feel something. Last pregnancy, it took til 24 some weeks to feel the baby so this is kinda exciting...
In the past week, I have almost cried watching Cars (yes the one with Lightning McQueen) and Wife Swap - yup, both are super emotional programs. 

Craving: Lately, hasn't been much, but today has been bad! I have been craving chocolate, anything from a drive-thru window, donuts, chicken kiev, and tuna cassarole. Such random things :) 


  1. Hey I've cried watching Cars too. When he throws the race to help that old car...I lose it every time..

  2. You look just so cute, Autumn!!
    p.s. I saw your blog link from a post on facebook, and I love it!