Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bump Photos: Weeks 6 - 12

Remember these weekly photos from the last time I was preggers? 

Yup, I am doing them again!! :) I wanted this baby to have bump pictures too since I took some for Breck... gotta try to keep things the same :) This time around, you will notice that I am wearing the same shirt.. that way you can see the growth more easily!

So here are the pictures from weeks 6 - 12... 

How did these weeks go? These weeks were the most rough so far... but nothing terrible. I was quite nauseous in there for several weeks but no throwing up. There were afternoons spent on the couch, no cooking for a month, and alot of eating out! I felt better with Brecken during these weeks... I felt nauseous with him, but the smells didn't bother me and I was craving so many foods. In this pregnancy, I couldn't open the fridge for a month without gagging due to the smells. Most of the time, nothing sounded good to eat - except fast food (I know, super healthy) which just made the nauseousness worse. I am feeling SO much better now! 

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